Saturday, May 5, 2007

Video Killed the Lazy Coder

What a week! I hardly had any time at work for lunch, which is when I do most of my productive coding (I don't eat lunch, so food doesn't slow me down - ironic for what I am actually coding). Then I had long rehearsals (I sing) on three nights. Not my best coding week.

But I did get the video up. Thanks, anonymous! In case you're interested, eSMS 1.04 works great for recording videos. I just wish I remembered the codec that worked.

The bizarre bug with diagonally-moving players is not an issue on real hardware, since I checked using my Tototek cartridge on my Master Gear/Game Gear. By the way, I get a Software Error on my SMS when I use the Tototek cartridge - I think it might be problem with the physical dimensions of the cart's PCB. But I can try running this on my Power Base Converter, since I have used the Tototek cart on that successfully.

I did begin trying to get the second conveyor belt up and running, but I always have trouble remembering how it works. I have all of the coordinates for belt 1 in the rom (belt 2 uses the same coordinates, of course, except the x coordinates are shifted to the right), and the program just cycles through them. When it reaches the end, it shifts all of the food identities down one and adds another after accessing the random number generator. But my code is getting a tad unwieldy, and it is getting really hard for me to throw stuff in. Did I mention the only formal computer training I have is:
  1. A computation biology course I took in grad school where I learned how to use BLAST and Expasy and a couple of DNA and protein sequence analysis programs (that other people wrote) and
  2. A LOGO course in high school?
So it might take a while, but I'll get it.

You'll notice in the video that I have no code that checks whether a food type is already present on screen. That function is definitely on my to-do list.

I hope you enjoy the video. You might notice some 1's and 0's on the top of the screen; those are just for debugging purposes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains.

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